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Verify Registered Email
Please read the notes before you use this function.
The steps to verify registered email:
1. Verify account and request for a link to be sent to your registered email.
2. Get the link from the inbox and choose the game and the server you play on.
3. Log into the game and find the NPC to claim the prize.
Conquer Online: PrizeOfficer (Market, 185 170)
Eudemons Online: Lorraine (Cronus 215,629)
Zero Online: Prize Manager (Steel Warship 505,853)
Heroes of Might and Magic: Reward-Manager (Harmondale, 259,493)
1. If your registered email doesn't work, please change email first.
2. You can request for the link for each account twice a day. If you do not receive the email, please file an account issue. And our GM will send you the link manually.

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