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FAQ1: Can I purchase bulk packs through Paypal?
--No, you cannot use Paypal to purchase Bulk Packs.

FAQ2: If I don’t receive the codes I bought, what should I do?
--You can resend the codes yourself from https://paypal.99.com/CardCode.aspx
-- Call the Help Desk, when it is available.
-- Submit your purchase details at https://account.99.com/EnMyAccountSubmit/CardPurchaseIssues.aspx
Our system sends purchased codes from purchase@mx.mail.tqdigital.com. Please add it into your Contact Book, or the email we send to you may be counted as spam.

FAQ3: If my purchase email is disabled or I forget its password, how can I get my codes?
--The PayPal password is separate from your email password. You can login your PayPal account to check the transaction information, and get the invoice ID, then report the case at https://account.99.com/EnMyAccountSubmit/CardPurchaseIssues.aspx. We will check it as soon as possible. If the invoice ID is valid, we will resend the codes to your valid email. So when you file the case, please be sure and provide a working email. And to avoid the similar problems in the future, please update your email in the PayPal profile.

FAQ4: Why can’t I buy a second TQ Point Card right away?
--As the first time buyer, you will have to wait for exactly 3 days (72 hours) to make your second purchase.

FAQ5: Why can’t I buy more TQ Point Cards in a month?
--As part of our security policy, there is a quota of cards you can purchase, per month. Please refer to https://credit.99.com/purchase/paypal.html for details. Besides, please distinguish PayPal VIP and account VIP. The VIP in the table means Paypal VIP.

FAQ6: If I get the error message: “We are not able to process your payment using your Paypal account at this time. Please return to the recipient’s website to complete your transaction using their regular checkout flow”, how to solve it?
--There is something wrong with your bank account, please contact the bank.

FAQ7: Can I get codes instantly if I use Echeck?
--No. You will not receive the codes until the payment gets cleared. Generally it will take 2-9 days to clear an Echeck. Once the Echeck is cleared, our system will send the codes to your PayPal email, automatically.

PayByCash/Fast Card

FAQ8: How to purchase TQ Point Cards through PayByCash/Fast Card?
--Please refer to https://credit.99.com/help/fastcard.html for the step by step procedure.

FAQ9: Can I use PayByCash to purchase a Card A?
--No. It can only be used to purchase B-Cards, 10 A-Cards, and Bulk Packs.

Western Union

FAQ10: Can I online transfer to buy TQ Point Cards through Western Union?
--No. You should go to a Western Union location. You should fill out the Blue Quick Collect form, which supports money transferred from an individual to a business.

FAQ11: How long does it take me to get codes?
--Usually, the codes will be sent the next day. However, if you transfer the funds on a Friday, you will get the codes the following Monday.


FAQ12: Why do I not get 1380 CPs?
--1380 TQ Points = 1075 Conquer Points (CPs). Please refer to https://credit.99.com/purchase/ on the right-hand side of the page for details.