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Fake System Message and Fake GM Message

Please remember that GM has [GM] at the end of the character names. Some scammers in game will create characters by impersonating GM or employee and use these characters to send fake system messages informing you that you have won a prize. The scammers will also ask for your account information in the name of confirming the prize winner. If you reveal your account information to them, they will log in and loot everything valuable in your account in just a minute. And remember that real GM will never issue such messages in game! And some scammers will also impersonate GM outside the game on MSN or by sending emails asking for account information. Please always be very careful about those unknown people especially those who ask for your account information. We will keep you informed on the game official site of any updates or events.

A Fake Official Site

Fake official site always goes along with the Fake System Message and Fake GM Message. The scammer will send you a link to a site that is similar to the games official site in his fake System Message. Once you open the link, you will find that the site is similar to the game official sites in design with fake announcements and even a so called "GM" informing you that you have won a big prize. Sometimes, these sites will require you to enter your account information to confirm that you are the valid winner. In other cases, these sites will tell you that if you want to get the prize, you need to send some money as commission to a required account. If you believe their words and send the commission to them, the so called "GM" and the link will disappear immediately once the scammer gets the money.

Recently, a new way of Online Fraud appears. The scammers don’t pretend to be a GM or a System Reminder to advertise their fake message everywhere; to the contrary, they disguise themselves as a normal player complaining about the game and a specific event. They will publicize in world chat their fake experience involving a mistake made when a GM gave him an invalid prize in an offline event. To make his word more believable, he will provide you a fake link (the link mentioned above) as the "evidence". If you believe in them, visit the page and, worst of all, try to get the prize they claimed, congrats, you are another victim!

Fake Friendship

Why do we play games? Yes, to make friends! You may have many good friends in game. But, do you think all of them are dependable? Maybe you’ve been targeted by a scammer. Some scammers in game will try every way to win your trust. Some of them will invest points, rare items and even have his affection involved in this trap. At the right time, the scammer will try to ask for your account info. You might think! "Ok, he is my friend, a really good friend!" If you reveal your account to this "Good Friend", you will find your account looted after you get it back. Some cunning scammers will keep your account untouched for a long time after they get your account information. They are not doing this out of a sense of kindness; rather, they have a bigger plan. Once you relax your vigilance and store larger number of valuable item in your account, they will throw off their disguise. So, never reveal your account information to anyone.

Impersonate Your Friend’s Character

Some players enjoy great fame and good credit in game. Beware, scammers also use this to cheat you! They will create characters whose names are extremely similar to those famous players’. If you don’t exam it thoroughly, you will believe that the character is the famous player. If you can tell the character is slightly different, they will them tell you that this is an alternate account of the famous player. If you believe them, they may begin to tell stories of being hacked and ask for your help by donating items to them or giving them your account information.

Fraud in Account Trading

Fraud always occurs when purchasing or selling game accounts. Scammers in the former case will ask you to preview the items in the account you plan on selling to get your account information. Scammers in the latter case will sell you his account and give you the right id and password. But after they get their money, they will use the password protection and account security system to get their password back from the system or file a hack case to get their account back. That is why account trading is not allowed by games and is not protected by the game user agreement.

Fraud in Item Trading

You should always be very careful when you are trading with other characters. Someone may try to trick you by putting the wrong price, or trading different items with the same icon for your items. You should ALWAYS verify the items or price that are being offered by the other player BEFORE you click "Ok". If you do not, you run the risk of being scammed by others.