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Please note, we are NOT responsible for cases with the following conditions:

1. The case is caused by account sharing/trading.
2. The case is caused by using bots or other illegal programs.
3. The current registered email of the hacked account cannot be provided.
4. The items are given out/lent to other players under your own IP address.
5. The items are sold or traded by mistake, such as when they are sold for the wrong price, traded to the wrong person, etc.
6. Items that are carelessly dropped in the game.
7. The case is not reported in time. Generally we are not able to handle cases that are older than ten days.

Please do not report any fake case; or your account may be moved to the black-name list or get banned.

I have read and agreed to the requirements above

Have you filed a case for this account within 6 months?
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